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Kyoto garden twenty-four election

京都の庭園 二十四選

Kyoto event information


Kyoto town to walk and Sakamoto Ryoma


Kyoogokokuji (Toji)

教王護国寺 (東寺)

Toji five-story pagoda, cherry blossom front


Hanatsuzuri About inn Kyomachiya Guest House

The available in Kyomachiya one hotels charter, will be available Hanatsuzuri everyone (family group)
In Kyoto flowing "slowly", please relax in the townhouses one hotels charter.


Kyoto Hanatsuzuri is Guesthouse Room Only accommodation in a renovated real Kyomachiya. (Detailed your description of the guest house, please refer to the introduction of the room)

One hotels to the families, obtain customized in a group, our major feature of can accommodate at great rates. In addition I have also one of the few places actually enjoy accommodation in real Kyomachiya.
Interior and equipment in that April 2015 Open is the air-conditioning, western style toilet with the new article. While leaving the traditional atmosphere of Kyomachiya, we become, so you can comfortably spend.

Guest house, an inexpensive simple accommodation, individuals free to travel on a budget. That is supporting the free and inexpensive travel, it is Hanatsuzuri Guesthouse. Is we do not do the provision of meals at the guesthouse, but you can where I am free to use the co-equipped kitchen. The other inn, our characterized by has become possible is cheaper accommodation than hotels.
Communication equipment (PC, Wifi) also stocks. Please feel free to use please.

花綴 京町家・ゲストハウス・一軒貸切

Kyoto Hanatsuzuri is situated in the heart of Kyoto.

Nijo Castle, Mibu-dera including (Shinsengumi Memorial) that is within walking distance, a lot of tourist attractions are scattered.
Furthermore Gion not only shrines and temples, Kawaramachi and museums, as well Zoo located in the neighborhood.
(Please see the Google map for your accommodation or access more information)

Movement in the Kyoto train and bus is basic.
Hanatsuzuri Toyado, you have a city bus, bus stop (Article 4 of the new road) within a 4-minute walk away.
Kyoto City bus main stop, JR Sagano Line, storm power, but situated in very convenient location beside immediately.
By using the city bus

Kinkakuji, Kiyomizu Temple, Heian Shrine, Arashiyama-truck train, Sagano, bamboo forest trails, Toji, Tofukuji,
Kyoto Aquarium, I will take you not transfer to the plum alley LS locomotive, etc..
In addition, to Kyoto Station, JR Sagano Line Tambaguchi Station are within a 5-minute walk away.


There is a familiar shops nearby.

And large hot spring Mibu hot spring flowers of hot water (a 7-minute walk)
And rotating sushi (5 minutes walk)
· Starbucks (5 minutes walk)
· UNIQLO There are (5 minutes walk), and the like.

A little more, when you stretch the legs, and Kyoto central market in the south from JR Tambaguchi Station.
Do you also invite you to get to a fresh meal in the curb market.


Even this service is Hanatsuzuri-Kyomachiya

☆ and entrusted your luggage ☆
And early check-in ☆ The ☆
☆ the JR Kyoto Station Carry service ☆

Kyoto sightseeing

Mibu-dera (Shinsengumi Memorial) 4-minute walk

History of Mibu-dera
Mibu-dera is Shōryaku 2 years (991), Mii-dera (Miidera) Jizo Council the old name is founded by free Ken bishop of, was issue Takara幢 Sanmaitera, such as a.
Sect, belong to the law Zong is one in Nantes six chest. 1962 (1962), burned down the main hall lost a large number of diboric including Buddha Jizo Bodhisattva.
But new Buddha survival Jizo Bodhisattva (Important Cultural Property) is, be transferred from Risshū head temple Toshodaiji, main hall of Rakkei memorial service has been carried out in 1970 (1970).
Five Buddha Khakkhara head (Important Cultural Property) and columns Sen figure screen (Hasegawa Tōhaku brush-important cultural property), to convey the diboric such as masks of 190 points of Kyogen, including the work of the Muromachi era to now, the annual memorial service and 700 years Mibu Kyogen with tradition (important Intangible folk Cultural Property) I have done without extinct. It is also a temple of Shinsengumi Yukari, it is dedicated to the tomb tower of Shinsengumi Corps officer in the precincts of Mibu mound.

新撰組 近藤勇